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Festival Structure

Festival Structure:


A: Film Sector

     1 - Documentary

     2 - Fiction

     3 - Animation

·         Length of movies: 30 minutes

·         35mm and 16mm and other formats are to be copied and delivered on DVD or DV cam.

·         Every producer is required to send a 3×4 portrait photo along with two pictures of the movie scenes and behind the scenes and his/her CV (resume) on a CD.


B: Photograph Sector

1 -  Every photographer can participate in the festival with a collection of photos or 5 single photo about “Environment and Nature” , “Industry & Agriculture” , “Social Documentary” , and “creative photography” regarding ‘Water’ as the pivotal topic of the festival. Every collection should consist of at least 5 photos.

2 - Photos manipulated by software systems would not be accepted.

 3 - Photos are to be scanned with 300dpi resolution and delivered on a CD with JPG format.

4 - Copyright and originality of work must be borne by the photographer.

5 - The festival keeps the right of printing accepted photos in books, brochure or festival and other cultural publications with the name of the photographer.

6 - Every photographer is required to send a 3×4 portrait photo along with his/her CV (resume) on a CD.